Quick Start Guide: How Should a Small Business Man Take Advantage of Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing for small businesses, especially on a limited budget, can be quite a roller coaster ride. It seems that companies are either abandoning FB marketing altogether, or bragging about their wild advertising revenue. But what if we told you that even small businesses can achieve an exponential growth curve by marketing on Facebook?
Yes, so is your company. Keep reading this article, as here are some of the best tips for increasing your local business’s Facebook visibility.

There are more than 2.8 million Facebook users in Finland. Facebook is therefore a great tool for reaching Finnish consumers.

After reading this article, you will learn the top six tips for effective Facebook marketing.


Before we start building Facebook visibility for your business, you need to have
the following things done:

● Open a Facebook page
● Create a Facebook pixel
● Link a Facebook pixel to a web page
● Add a payment method to Facebook Business Manager

If you haven’t done the above yet, now is a good time to get started. Bookmark this article for easy access to this guide.

Are you ready? Good. Let's get straight to the point:

1. Try a target group based on similarity
as a cold target group

When you build the first ads on your Facebook page, you probably already have some idea of what kind of people you want to reach with your ads. Don’t stumble upon the same mistake as multiple entrepreneurs. Namely, for too wide target groups. With large audiences, you may reach a lot of people, but ad conversion rates and engagement are often poor. A poorly converting ad doesn't make money. This is a common scenario where the audience for your ad is not precisely defined.

If you already know what kind of audience is interested in your business, you can create a so-called Lookalike audience on Facebook, i.e. an audience based on similarity. You can make these audiences unlimited with Facebook’s own tool, using different levels of accuracy. So let Facebook's algorithm handle the targeting for you!

To create a Lookalike target group, you first need a so-called Source audience. You can use visitors to your website, users of your mobile application or fans of your Facebook page here. The Facebook algorithm gets to know the Facebook behavior of these people and creates a new target group of people like them to whom you can target your ads.

At least the following points should be kept in mind when using lookalike audiences:

● Create up to 500 LLAs (Lookalike Audience) from a single source (Facebook pixel, page fans)

● Similarity-based audiences allow you to target specific types of people without having to guess your audience's preferences and interests
● Users in the source are automatically truncated outside the LLA

● You can use multiple audiences as a single ad audience

2. Creative content is the most important element of advertising

Copywriting and creative content have always been the most important things in ad performance. But why? The primary function of the ad is to stop the reader, or in this case the browser of Instagram or Facebook. Until a few years ago, people used social media for social purposes, that is, to chat with friends and exchange news. Today, Some is mainly swapping the endless feed down, hoping that some interesting lifting would draw attention and release some dopamine into our brains.

Therefore, your ad should be paused and compelling. With a boring, colorless ad, you don’t get people’s attention, and it probably just drowns in the masses with few clicks and engagement.

Here are some tips on how to create an addictive ad:

● Start with an eye-catching picture or video. Bright colors, flickering effects, or emojis are one way to get attention.
● Use expressive human faces in thumbnails, it attracts our interest for psychological reasons.
● Take advantage of motion in videos. No one is interested in boring, monotonous videos.
● Always use subtitles that keep the viewer interested in your ad.
● Use words such as free of charge, free of charge. These words will improve your ad's clickthrough rate.
● Add your CTA to the title. (call-to-action). For example. “DOWNLOAD THE FREE GUIDE NOW”
● Use entertaining language to avoid boring readers
● Avoid long paragraphs of text. Prefer to split the text, and let your ad text breathe
● Take advantage of carousels if you use images instead of video

3. Experiment with different creative content for the same audience

Now that you know how to create creative content for your ad, you can start testing and experimenting. We think experimenting is the best way to catch the kind of ads that bite your audience.
Increase your budget for running ads, and destroy ads that don't fit in the comparison. On Facebook, you can run numerous different ads with the same ad group, and test their functionality with A / B.
From Ads Manager, you can directly see the KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) of your ads, where you can compare their performance. Pay attention to Click Through Rate (CTR), conversion rate, and video views.

4. Take advantage of customer references

Utilizing customer references is an ingenious way to increase the trust of your audience. Social proof is the best proof, and puskaradio is the best marketing for many small companies.
So always ask for reference feedback on your successful customer projects. If you sell physical (or digital) products, even offer your customers a 10% discount coupon for their next purchase if they give your business a review on Facebook. It may prove more valuable than gold. Even better if you get video feedback from your customer. An ad with a customer reference bites consumers more effectively than an ad about a product alone.

5. Always use subtitles in your ads

Did you know that a large percentage of Facebook browsers keep their sounds muted? Video ads
work effectively, but what good are they if the video viewer can't listen to the video sounds on? That’s why you should always add it to your videos subtitles. Namely, we don’t always want our coworker or boss to hear what
We look at the Facebook ad next to them. One tactical way to signal a video to be subtitled is to immediately add subtitles to the video cover art. This should significantly increase the number of views, as untitled videos are usually skipped quickly by Facebook browsers.

6. Tell us your value proposition right away. Don't test your audience's nerves!

Do you know that feeling when you encounter a potentially interesting ad, but have no idea what the advertiser is trying to sell? Aargh! Ads without a clear promise of value are like a car salesman talking to his car-fevered customers about the weather for a day instead of playing.

So add your value proposition to the first few lines of your ad body. Imagine that your potential customer is on a quick date with you. Or, better yet, imagine you have to sell your service in an elevator. You only have a few seconds to convince the consumer of your product or service, or your ad will disappear from your Facebook feed without necessarily ever returning to your prospect’s screen.

Instantly add your slogan to an image or video. Add it to the first lines of your ad text. Hit it in the minds of prospectuses.

Imagine for a second you were selling an energy drink for athletes. Don’t start your ad by grinding your product out of good taste and a beautiful can. Start your ad by saying that this is now your product: 100 % healthy, for athletes
directed energy drink
. Which otherwise contains more than 10 different amino acids and 20 different vitamins and trace elements.

The following tips will work for you:
● Less is more. Don’t bore readers with a long promise of value. Summarize your core message into 4-7 words.
● Tell the reader what your product is really doing.
● Talk less about the product itself, tell more about the value it brings
● Be accurate with numbers. “Up to 20 branched chain amino acids” is a more effective phrase than “Lots of amino acids and vitamins”
● A catchy and memorable ad is better than a nice ad. Don’t hesitate to go even a little annoying to your click titles.


Now that you’ve read the first six Facebook marketing tips, you’re sure to have a lot of ideas in your head for your future ads.

Always remember that on Facebook you win by trying things out. Feel free to experiment with new audiences, ads, videos, and creative content. If your campaigns aren't getting a lot of traffic, research the possible causes. You can usually find it either in your content or in your poorly communicated value proposition. If you need help with your Facebook campaigns, don’t hesitate to contact the industry

Veppi will implement for your company Facebook campaigns, which are guaranteed to bring results to your business.

Author: Alvar Yrjölä