Maintained by Adeta Et is a location - independent virtual speech therapy service where licensed speech therapist (FM) Adelina Svärd trains her students in speech production and articulation.

Et is a learning environment that integrates the Tutor LMS learning platform seamlessly with websites and e-commerce. As a security solution, all customers also log in to Visma's service, and after a strong authentication, continue with the invented codes in the learning environment and discussion groups while maintaining anonymity.

A Games section was built on the site for customer use, integrating games from the Construct3 platform, as well as a few Powerpoint-based games. In addition, a discussion area was created for the site, where discussion and feedback groups about customers are formed.

Adeta’s staff received training to update the learning environment and Elementor on their own initiative, so when faced with future editing needs, they know how to make basic changes themselves without worrying about hourly billing or restarting the project.

  • Learning Platform Tutor LMS
  • Websites
  • Ecommerce
  • Visma integration
  • +3000€