AutoX is a car dealership in Kempele that sells used cars.

Car dealerships as well as private sellers generally use a variety of ready-made forums to advertise their sales articles. Of course, they are workable platforms to showcase travel games for sale and also provide an easy way to gain visibility. However, in order to be a serious and trustworthy car dealership, the cars on sale must also be able to be presented in aggregate on the company's own website.

Veppi designed a working and visually appealing website for AutoX, which also integrated Autosoft into its sales pages. Vehicles entered into and out of the car software are dynamically retrieved to the website, so information about sales articles is always up-to-date.

The look of the website reflects the existing AutoX logo and its design language. Light shades combined with fresh shades of blue give the milling machine the impression of a car dealership brand, and also help to create an image of an open and honest deal.