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Project description

| Dandy

Dandy Helsinki is a high-quality clothing company specializing in costumes in Helsinki.

The goal was to create new websites and create an up-to-date online store. In addition, the site would need new images and a functioning appointment system.

WordPress and WooCommerce were chosen as the platform for the page. Amelia was chosen as the appointment system because of its ease and customizability.

Veppi set out to build the visuality of the site around a black and white and graphic look. Black and white creates a timeless look and, through contrasts, allows for toned surfaces whose shades do not argue with each other. The drama was softened slightly with shades of gray and a playful fabric texture in the background. The modernized serif letter was chosen as the font, which creates dignity and also emphasizes the history of the clothing business and its traditional professionalism.

The modern and renovated Dandy Helsinki exudes a valuable and expert look. With her thoughtfully designed pages, Dandy also honors the old and valuable traditions of costume tailors.

  • Website WordPress
  • E-shop WooCommerce
  • Schedule Amelia Pro
  • Blog
  • Flotation contact form
  • Photos for the site
  • +2000€