Nina Joki is a well-known and respected real estate agent, especially in the northern regions.

Nina wanted a website for Joki LKV, which she had launched, which also had Kivi integration, which is popular with real estate agents. Kivi is a clever add-on that brings all of the agent's sales items to the website directly from (Almamedia).

Nina's website wanted a modern and light presentation, while maintaining the credibility and reliability of the company. They are the values that the client expects from a real estate agent - values that the industry represented by Nina is fundamentally based on. That's why the only right color, i.e. pure white, was chosen as the base color of the site. A restrained gold/beige was chosen as the accent color. Borders were also created with different shades of gray, which as a background color bring posture to the sections and tie the elements of the areas together if necessary.

The font chosen was "Karma", which is classified as a serif font, but the endings it contains are modern and playful - at the same time, the font is easy to read.

A new logo was also created for the website. Veppi designed the logo based on the customer's outline and wishes. The logo combines the unrestrained Joki theme, a brush and an angular LKV element that exudes formality. The logo works nicely as a lightening element and creates a lively look even in places that might otherwise easily look too official or boring.

  • Websites
  • Kivi integration
  • Logo
  • Brand look
  • +1500€