At the same time, Movementstick's website is a course platform that guides you to exercise, which you can join by paying a membership fee through WooCommerce. The client's wish was that the course platform should be an integral part of the website to be created and that all the functions displayed on the website should also integrate seamlessly.

Veppi responds to the challenge by adapting Tutor LMS, the world's largest and most widely used educational platform, to meet the customer's wishes. The LMS was also customized to match the created brand look.

Tutor LMS is a flexible and customizable distance learning platform with easy-to-use lesson editing features, even for a teacher who is not proficient in actual programming.

The tutorial integrates seamlessly with the online store, and its membership features are connected to roles purchased in a member’s WooCommerce.

Text, images and videos can be imported to the platform, and integrated additional features can e.g. organize test sessions as well as scheduled Zoom meetings.

  • Learning Platform Tutor LMS
  • Website .eu
  • Website .com
  • Ecommerce
  • Language translations
  • Money Conversions
  • VAT definitions
  • Geolocation
  • Payment method integrations
  • OGO shipping 
  • +10000€