New Kirsikka is a cosmetology company in the center of Oulu.

The new cherry site’s existing website was updated to be more modern, while the brand was slightly polished through coloring. In addition, the speed and functionality of the page was optimized with technical solutions on the hosting side. The page is still based on WordPress.

The visual presentation of the page is dominated by a modern color palette and fashionable fonts. Image surfaces are large and clear.

A captivating and artistic retro-spirited serif letter was chosen as the title-level font, which also works in a large size. The body text is a sans serif font that is easier to read. The structure of the site was kept the same, allowing the visitor to find services and contacts intuitively thanks to the well-established structure.

The site creates an image of fresh and clean cosmetology services, and this theme combines with the trendiest trends of 2021, reflecting fashion magazines and industry catalogs.

The new Cherry later also ordered an informative skin care search engine for its website. It is now embedded in the pages and thus advises customers on the right Dermaviduals skin care products for him.

Kauneushoitola Uusi Kirsikka represents the absolute leader in the field of beauty care in Oulu, and the recent website successfully communicates the company's high-quality brand through trendy and eye-catching visual solutions. 

  • Website WordPress
  • Content production and service editing
  • +1000€