Verkkosivut + Verkkokauppa

Media personality Aleksi Valavuori is a well-known and controversial figure both in today's politics and in his in-depth sports-related Twitch broadcasts. Finland's most powerful twitch streamer missed new websites, and Veppi boldly took up the challenge.

The theme of the website was defined as the 80s, and more specifically Miami Vice. Indeed, many 80’s goat-like elements are plentiful in the pages, ranging from font choices to bold design language and pastel gradients.

Functionally, the structure of the pages will be defined by Whale Skiing, which starts in February. Whale skiing is a fundraising event in which Aleksi slammed for 1,000 kilometers. Thus, the site had to be made extremely sales-driven, so all CTAs would focus on creating a potential payment transaction. presents an open - minded and bold alternative to the look of a website. The pages do not always have to be in keeping with current trends, but a lightly playful and self-ironic grip will always work if only the chosen style remains coherent and functionally high quality.