Content production

What kind of content for your pages?

In practice, digital marketing is very much built around content production. Content production means all the content produced by a company, ie images, texts, videos and audio through various channels such as websites, blogs and social media channels.

The purpose of content production is to share useful information with the customer, create added value for the company, and make the company’s website rise in Google search results.


The importance of a blog and the added value it brings

Writing a blog is one great way to create content, and it is an important part of business marketing today. Blogging is e.g. a cost-effective way to connect with potential customers and highlight a company’s expertise. But, where to find time for blog posts? Fortunately, we will help with that problem if needed!

A blog greatly increases a company’s visibility in the wonderful world of the internet: search engine visibility improves and as a result, the company has the opportunity to get more potential customers to its pages. Namely, search engine visibility is affected by e.g. active content update, and that’s exactly what blogging is a great way to rise to Google’s prestige as a site.

Blogging is also great for serving your target audience, as interesting and useful content is sure to engage potential customers when they make their choice about who to buy services from. And best of all, interested customers will stay on the site longer and this will also help increase search engine visibility!

The fastest way to happiness is probably to start by telling about the services and products offered by the company, and the articles should be written from a perspective that is really useful for the reader, ie the potential customer! The introduction of the personnel and their work tasks also works when the experience of easy accessibility is sought and the so-called give a face. But remember that if you feel like the time is on the card and not the blog post is slippery, you can always turn to us. We look forward to seeing what topics we can conquer next in the form of blogging! 

Why Veppi?

Jos haluat sivillesi blogiosion, mutta et tiedä mitä sinne voisi kirjoittaa, voimme luoda sinulle esimerkkiartikkelin sivusotsi teeman mukaisesti. Jo se, että sivustollasi on artikkelimuotoinen teksti verkosivujesi edustamalta aihealueelta, auttaa näkyvyyden lisäämisessä.

Me kirjoitamme myös tekstisi puhtaaksi tarvittaessa, ja keksimme sloganit ja otsikot!